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We have kittens!!!


This is Hannah.  She is a love, with independence and grace.  Let her melt your heart!!

For information about kittens, please introduce yourself, via phone or e-mail, at We have kittens and retired adults available....  

GREAT NEWS!!!!   Congratulations to GP NordicTale Norway and GP NordicTale O'Brien.  They both earned the CFA title of Grand Premier in January.  

Thank you the the Suess family for all their preparation with Miss Norway.  She was, without a doubt, the best groomed and most lovely cat at the Monroe, MI show and very worthy of her Grand Premier title.  (I only wish she were more happy in the show hall.)  Sharon and Rob did a magnificent job presenting her!  It was so delightful to have you with us.  Congratulations, your NordicTale family is very proud of you and your huge accomplishment!

We would like to find a very special home for O'Brien, where he will be the star of the show. He is just about 2 years old and truly stunning. He just earned he Grand Premier title and is enjoying his life of leisure.

        Ours is a small cattery in Southern, Ohio.  Our home is the cats' home...they are raised with us.   Our Norwegian Forest Cats are lovely examples of the breed and wonderful companions.  Our first goal is a finding a wonderful, life-long home for each pet.  Our cats are registered with CFA, The Cat Fanciers' Association. If you are interested in learning more about us:  e-mail to or call 513/681-0780.  Please be prepared to share information about you and your life with us.  Finding the right family for each of our charges is a process that requires making a personal connection.                                          

Our Look.....GC, GP, RW, NordicTale Claudia



GC, RW NordicTale Cole

CFA Great Lakes Region 8th Best Kitten

CFA’s Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA Great Lakes Region Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA Great Lakes Region Best Norwegian Forest Cat

CFA’s Fourth Best Norwegian Forest Cat

Sire:  CH Tana Bru’s Alexander    

Dam:  NordicTale Melody


GC, RW NordicTale Iris

CFA Great Lakes Region 13th Best Kitten

CFA’s 2nd Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA’s Great Lakes Region Second Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

Sire:  GC Fig Tumble of NordicTale    

Dam:  NordicTale Fergie





RW NordicTale Pailsi Roisen of Redzone

CFA North Atlantic Region 22nd Best Kitten

CFA’s 4th Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA’s North Atlantic Region Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

Sire:  Kashi Saga Harrigan Thatsme of Irlu, DM    

Dam:  CH NordicTale Mabel










            Molly (Polly's sister, CH NordicTale Mallaidh Roisin) and GC NordicTale Windsor

Our Norwegian Forest Cats are registered and shown in

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).

Contact Brook Cole at or 513/681-0780. 

Member of CFA Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Council and  Breeder Member in NFCFA.     

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