NordicTale Norwegian Forest Cats - Companions for Life!   

NordicTale is a small cattery in Ohio.  Our home is the cats' home...they are raised with us.   Our Norwegian Forest Cats are lovely examples of the breed and wonderful companions.  We strive to find a marvelous, life-long home for each pet.  Our cats are registered with CFA, The Cat Fanciers' Association. If you are interested in learning more about us:  e-mail to or call 513/477-5919.  Please be prepared to share information about you and your life with us.  Finding the right family for each of our charges is a process that requires making a personal connection.    

Welcome to our newest addition -  Finience Chopin!!!   He is a very exciting kitten, and brings wonderful traits to the NordicTale lines.   Thank you so much to Jungin SON and Star for trusting NordicTale with this wonderful kitten.  We are very excited about his future!  Chopin is a character.... So loving, peaceful, patient, and balanced.  He is adjusting very well to his new home in Ohio.  We thank Finience Cattery and the whole team of cheerleaders who helped make this happen.  Welcome to America, Chopin...Our home is your home.  We see great tales on the horizon for all of us!

Our Look.....


For information about cats/kittens, please introduce yourself, via phone 513/477-5919 or e-mail, at Occasionally we have retired adults available....  


 Presenting - Bucky & Celeste - Two of our most beautiful babies.  Happily lounging at home.






GC, RW NordicTale Cole

CFA Great Lakes Region 8th Best Kitten

CFA’s Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA Great Lakes Region Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA Great Lakes Region Best Norwegian Forest Cat

CFA’s Fourth Best Norwegian Forest Cat




GC, RW NordicTale Iris

CFA Great Lakes Region 13th Best Kitten

CFA’s 2nd Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA’s Great Lakes Region Second Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten









RW NordicTale Pailsi Roisen of Redzone

CFA North Atlantic Region 22nd Best Kitten

CFA’s 4th Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten

CFA’s North Atlantic Region Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten






Our Norwegian Forest Cats are registered and shown in

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).

Contact Brook at or 513/477-5919. 

Member of CFA Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Council     

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